Studio KU+ is an architectural model workshop based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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"We Are What We Make"

Studio KU+ [kuhpls] is an architectural model workshop based in Amsterdam founded by Kaita Shinagawa in 2009.
Our services include producing high quality scale models, physical representations and associating in design process for meeting the demands in various fields; urban development, architecture, interior design, product design, art and cultural projects. We are responsive and work with pleasure on both practical and experimental projects. Our creative enthusiasm teamed with the close collaboration with our clients creates works that exceed their expectations.

Kaita Shinagawa (1979, Japan) is an architectural model maker and designer. He is ambitious to create architectural objects that stimulate and enchant people by high precision works and his own unique sense of creativity while enjoy being part of translating and visualizing the idea and concept of the projects in various fields. He has been working as a co-founder at the Collective Amsterdam (NL) and Gen&Co. (JP).


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