Studio KU+ is a studio for architectural scale model making in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Doll’s House at Arcam

Dolls’ House Project is traveling and now coming to Amsterdam.

The Dolls’ House Project is a traveling exhibition of Dolls’ Houses, each designed and assembled by Dutch architect Peter Masselink.

The Dolls’ House Project was initiated and curated by the architect Peter Masselink as a benefit exhibition to enhance awareness about congenital metabolic disorders: the Inborn errors of metabolism. A series of exhibitions of eighteen Dolls' Houses throughout The Netherlands during 2017-18 is to be concluded by an auction of all Dolls' Houses; the revenue will be donated to scientific research on the diseases.

Studio KU+ has realized a multi-playful dolls' house "POPPENHUIS’ WERELD" together with the architecture firm Atelier PUUUR who was invited together with 17 other architects to contribute a 'design and build' of a dolls’ house.

Dolls’ House exhibition
Opening 4 November 19:00hrs
04.11 - 10.12 2017
Arcam, Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam
Prins Hendrikkade 600, Amsterdam

For more information please visit: Arcam

Project: Doll's House - POPPENHUIS’ WERELD
Architect: Atelier PUUUR
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