Studio KU+ is a studio for architectural scale model making in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Europe in Africa for the exhibition Solution or Utopia? Design for refugees

Europe in Africa (EIA) is a proposal  for a new city - state founded on an artificial island built on the shallow Tunisian Plateau right between the Exclusive Economic Zone of Tunisia and Italy. The aim of EIA is to provide a secure place for people that have to flee their country and want to reach Europe.

Studio KU+ has been asked to realize a scale model of EIA to visualize the concept for an exhibition entitled 'Solution or Utopia? Design for refugees' at the Stedelijke Museum Amsterdam. The show starts on 20 May.

EIA is a study initiated by an Amsterdam based architecture firm, TD (Theo Deutinger, Stefanos Filippas).

Exhibition Solution or Utopia? Design for refugees
20 May - 3 September 2017
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Museumplein 10,  Amsterdam

For more information please visit: Stedelijk Museum

Project. Europe in Africa
Architect. TD
Europe in Africa 1:10000 -  -  -

Europe in Africa 1:10000

Europe in Africa Zeeburgereiland ‘HOEKWONING’ ‘SPLIT LEVEL’