Studio KU+ is a studio for architectural scale model making in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

‘Choose to connect’ a part of the exhibition ‘THE HIGH GROUND’ by IABR 2021

The final exhibition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam - DOWN TO EARTH has been started in the Biesboschhal, Dordrecht. It's an honor to provide three models to VenhoevenCS Architecture + Urbanism for the exhibition 'THE HIGH GROUND' that presents the results of substudies to realize the Dordrecht water safety agenda.
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Exhibition: 'Choose to connect' a part of the exhibition 'THE HIGH GROUND' by IABR
Show: 3 July – 14 August 2021 at Biesboschhal Dordrecht.

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Photo. VenhoevenCS

Diepeveen Choose to connect - IABR 2021